Posted by on May 16, 2017


Ca Phe Pho Co

This shop, meaning “coffee in the Old Quarter,” stands deep inside an old house on Hang Gai Street and is hard to find for first-timers. But many customers return, either for the drinks or the exotic space with decorative antiques and woodcrafts, as well as a plenty of trees on all floors.

The favorite seats are on the terrace, which takes a climb up three flights of stairs and offers “a sweeping view over thousands of motorbikes on their circumambulation around the Hoan Kiem Lake,” the New York Times said in its 2014 feature “36 Hours in Hanoi,” in which it recommended the café as a great stop during the capital’s infamous rush hour.

Again, the shop is known for its egg coffee, while smoothies, shakes, sundaes and beer are also on the menu.


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